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Tips To Choose Fashionable Wedding Dress for You

Dress codes governing contemporary weddings are much more ambiguous than they were years ago. Men never faced many challenges when picking out suits for a wedding, but there are still some nuances and styles appropriate to specific weddings.

Common Sense for Wedding Guests
Men do not have it especially hard when it comes to dressing appropriately for weddings. Most invitations will include some sort of instructions for the expected dress code. "Casual attire" is possibly the most ambiguous of all attire requirements. Casual is usually open to lighter colored jackets, khakis, and ties. If you're unclear as to how dressed-down the couple's definition of "casual" is, call them or their wedding planner to make sure.
It is almost always preferred to overdress than under dress. When the invitation calls for "casual attire", always lean towards a sleek dressy look. This includes a jacket, button-down shirt with optional tie, and khaki or black pants.
Black Tie
"Black Tie" on a wedding invitation means it's going to be a formal event. Men are stuck with a black tuxedo and white shirt. "Black Tie Optional" means the tuxedo is optional, the other option being a black suit, pants, and tie. If you're like most men and don't own a tuxedo, renting one will run about a hundred bucks. This isn't all bad, however, as there is no question as to what is acceptable or not. If you don't typically revel in being overly creative and choosy with what you wear, the price of renting a tux might be worth not having to worry about what to wear.
Cocktail Attire
Cocktail Attire is somewhere between casual and black tie. The cocktail suit should look effortless but classy. A dark one or two-buttoned suit and tie are staples, but no tuxedos.

Nothing On The Invitation
The time of the wedding, location, couple being married should give a rough estimate as to what attire is expected. For morning and afternoon weddings, shoot for a "dressed up casual" look. Slacks and lighter colored ties and fabrics are typically more acceptable for these occasions. Assume weddings later in the evening to be more formal and dress appropriately, but stay away from tuxedos. If you know the couple getting married and their tastes, it should give a rough estimate as to what they expect. Lastly, if the wedding is in a church, go formal. If it is in a garden or on a beach, expect something a little more casual. Always check with someone in charge if you're unsure.


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