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The Best Dress You Should Wear in A Party

If it's party season then no doubt you'll be in the market for posh dresses soon, but which to choose? Cocktail dresses and LBDs are an obvious choice, but there is a far posher option that just might surprise you! If you hadn't considered a beautiful ball gown before, then read on for 5 reasons why it's time to let out your inner-princess with a ball gown:

Reason No. 1: Accessories
White tie apparel is highly codified, and the requisite accessories are fun and fabulous. Some of them you may never have heard of, let alone had a chance to wear in public. Ball gowns are for dancing so shoes should be low-heeled, such as ballet slippers, fancy sandals, pumps, or, of course, flats. Jewelry is optional but highly recommended, with the exception of wrist watches and (if unmarried) tiaras. Gloves, if worn, must be opera length, look for ones with lovely little buttons just above the elbow. Any handbag carried must be a clutch. If it's cool out, wear a stole (read expensive shawl), cape, cloak or opera coat.
Reason No. 2: Fun
Everybody loves a party, and the best parties have that something special people are still talking about weeks, months and even years later. After all, we're only young once! So why not surprise your friends and spice things up by going over-the top formal? Tell your guy to break out his best white tie gear and get yourself a ball gown for that night on the town. With their requisite full skirt reaching to at least the ankle, these gowns look sumptuous and elegant.

Reason No. 3: Glamour
The best parties have a theme as well as a purpose. If you're the host of the party, why not make it a white tie event? Roll out a red carpet on your steps, set up a few outside lights and give the evening that glam feel. Don't forget champagne flutes and hors d'oeuvre platters even if all you're serving is beer and peanuts. The ladies will love the opportunity to wear those ball gowns, and the men will at least enjoy the eye candy.

Reason No. 4: Revolutionary
If you think posh is the name of some wannabe pop star from the nineties and a word that no one in their right mind would ever apply to you, maybe it's time to surprise everyone with your reactionary chic. Ball gowns are the ultimate in retro, being a costume worn by women since at least the 19th century. Proper etiquette reserves these gowns for only the most formal of white tie events, so wearing one to a friend's party or for a casual night on the town makes a beautifully anti-establishment statement if that's your thing.

Reason No. 5: Fabulous
Have you ever been to a party that just didn't sizzle, even though all the right ingredients were there: great music, good friends, amazing venue? Well, if you are daring enough to be the center of attention, and can handle the pressure of being the posh-est chick in the room, then the ball gown is for you. Be prepared to produce sparkling repartee along the lines of Oscar Wilde (or at least Bette Midler) to maintain the image and keep people buzzing.

So, if you're ready to buy a ball gown where should you be looking? For that personal touch you can always choose a local dress store or boutique, but you will have to pay top dollar. The canny shopper will perhaps try on some dresses in local stores to get a feel for what's right for them and then buy online where the greatest saving are to be made!


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