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Is Your Hair Color Porducts Do Help Your Hair Health?

In this particular style conscious globe, presently there is hardly any woman who hasn't tried using hair color products. Even if not in order to keep up along with the actual emerging trends, nearly each and every one of a person would possess resorted in order to these products a minimum of to cover your grey hair. The actual popularity of these styling products increases and so do the actual myths woven close to them. Let's try and bust a few associated with these hair color myths!

Myth 1: Both temporary and permanent hair colors contribute in order to split ends and hair breakage.

Fact: Of course, hair color products suck in the moisture in your hair leaving it dry. However, these styling products cannot end up being completely blamed for even UV rays can make your hair dry. Blow drying also dries up your hair, ultimately leading in order to split ends. The actual perfect solution to offer your hair great thermal protection is to opt for heat protection sprays.

Myth 2: Hair color tends to fade away quickly during summer compared to other seasons.

Fact: Not really really! Whatever season this maybe, exposure in order to sun's rays will fade away the color. The actual best way in order to protect the color is in order to get color protection products which contain vitamins A, C as well as E.

Myth 3: Color protection products do not always prove to become effective.

Fact: Remember which your colored tresses definitely deserve some extra attention. Specifically designed in order to offer color protection, these products help keep the actual color from fading away. These products will also moisturize your hair apart from ensuring that the color does not fade away quickly.

Myth 4: All types associated with coloring can be done from home.

Fact: Simple coloring can be conveniently done from your home. However, hair color highlights definitely require professional help. Of course, if a person think a person tend to be the pro at coloring with regard to yourself, then proceed ahead and do it. However, women with a sensitive skin or scalp may go to some salon if a person want to avoid allergic issues. Also, whenever a person possess done serious mistake in terms of coloring, then it's always safe to visit to a salon in order to get it fixed. Remember that applying color over another may mess upward along with your looks.

Myth 5: It is unsafe in order to use coloring products during pregnancy.

Fact: Temporary hair colors, that tend to be free of ammonia or peroxide are safe upon pregnant women. Even color highlights may be used as they will not touch your scalp.


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